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Press Releases

  • Article: Apr 29, 2021

    These might have been first put down on paper in the 19th century, but I beleive that these Nine Principles should be the basis of the contract between the British people and any police force.

    The Nine Principles of Policing

    Police Commissioner William J. Bratton lists the following guidelines on his blog. There is some doubt among scholars that Sir Robert Peel actually enunciated any of his nine principles himself - some researchers say they were formulated in 1829 by the two first commissioners of London's Metropolitan Police Department.

  • Article: Apr 5, 2021

    Graham Colley, Liberal Democrat PCC for Kent welcomed the comments in the Guardian of Martin Hewitt, the chair of the National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) in recognising that the police's legitimacy is so low in black communities it is damaging the effectiveness of law enforcement.

    Graham Colley said the start of solving any problem is to recognise what it is:

  • Article: Mar 28, 2021

    In Parliament and in the press media Ed Davey said "a sensible, reasonable government that cared about Civil Liberties and the rule of law would not be seeking to renew such a flawed piece of legislation". He continued "handing ministers a blank cheque for another six months is unnecessary and unjustified".

  • Article: Mar 27, 2021

    Graham Colley, Liberal Democrat PCC Candidate for Kent is committed to improving road safety throughout our region and calls for the introduction of 20mph schemes in residential areas and around schools and shopping districts.

    Graham Colley said, "Our county urgently needs traffic calming measures, and parking restrictions are needed with enforcement action from Kent Police. There is a pressing need for more effective police enforcement of speed limits and action against dangerous and anti-social parking and for 20mph to become the normal speed limit where people live, work, shop, learn and play".

  • Article: Mar 23, 2021

    Graham Colley said "Priti Patel's proposals to outlaw aspects of peaceful demonstration that she and her government found inconvenient, embarrassing or unhelpful are authoritarian and antidemocratic. It was reasonable to organise a peaceful demonstration against them.

    However, it seems there were those, whether of the extreme right or left who wanted to turn a peaceful demonstration violent in order to provoke a more extreme response from an authoritarian government.`Those extremists infiltrated the demonstration not just to seek confrontation with the police, but also to drown the protests of peaceful demonstrators.

  • Article: Mar 15, 2021

    Graham Colley, Liberal Democrat candidate for the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Election for Kent has called for the withdrawal of the Police, Courts and Sentencing Bill, which was only published on 9th March and is having its second reading in Parliament today, 15 March, with little time for consideration of its sweeping powers.

  • Article: Mar 15, 2021

    Graham Colley, the Liberal Democrat candidate for Police & Crime Commissioner for Kent, is calling on Priti Patel not to impose centralised crime targets on local police forces, warning it "would be a grave mistake" that "risks seriously undermining" police officers.

    In a letter to the Home Secretary, Graham Colley, alongside the party's Home Affairs Spokesperson Alistair Carmichael and 26 other candidates for Mayor or Police and Crime Commissioner, writes that "the police need to be responsive and accountable to their local communities, not micromanaged by Ministers in Whitehall."

  • Article: Mar 14, 2021

    Liberal Democrats have welcomed the key protections being introduced today in the landmark Domestic Abuse Bill that would extend the crime of revenge porn to include threats to share intimate images, and widen the ban on cross-examination of survivors of domestic abuse in the civil courts.

    Commenting on the amendment outlawing threats to share private sexual images, Liberal Democrat Justice Spokesperson Wera Hobhouse MP said: "Revenge porn is a despicable form of abuse. The number of people who have received threats from a partner or ex-partner to share intimate images is truly shocking, and the harm it can cause is appalling.

  • Article: Feb 5, 2021

    Commenting on the decision to increase council tax by 7.4% to pay for the Policing in Kent, Graham Colley, PCC candidate for the Liberal Democrats said:

    "I could achieve cheap political points by immediately criticising my opponent at the next election for the increase. No one wants to pay more than they did! However, at the same time, for the people of Kent to have a caring and safe community and the maxim "you get what you pay for", must also be considered.

  • Article: Jan 9, 2021

    Kent Liberal Democrats have attacked local Conservative boasts about police funding as "smoke and mirrors" that dress up a potential Council Tax rise as if it were extra funding from the Government.

    Local Conservatives have claimed that "Kent Police is set to receive an additional 19.5 million in its funding, thanks to the Conservative Government's increase to police budgets." However, detailed Home Office figures reveal that the Government is only giving Kent Police an extra £10.1 million for the financial year 2021-22.